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Learn everything from discipleship to leadership God’s way. Classes are designed to equip you with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to stay in faith and walk in fullness.


GROVE UNIVERSITY is now offering open enrollment for our courses and classes! All classes will have the option of being available virtually, on-demand, and/or in person. Take a look at our available courses below and GROW!



Finding Purpose in life is paramount to becoming all that you and God desire for you to be. We will walk you step by step through identifying purpose, accepting purpose, and pursuing the path that produces all that you were created by God to be!


Everyone has been graced and gifted to be a part of the body of Christ.  The Bible teaches that God gifts us to be relationally empowering to those we are connected to.  So if you want to identify and implement your spiritual gifts and understand one of the greatest benefits of being a part of the church, this is the perfect class for you!


The Marketplace Ministry Initiative strives to become a network of business leaders in the marketplace serving the Kingdom of God and influencing the industries we serve. We will educate, encourage, support, and create a community among business leaders to make a positive change in the world.


Do you desire to come into a place of financial freedom to give, serve, and live the life we have been commissioned by God to live? God expects us to add value to what He has already given. It is important to gain principles of stewardship as well as establish the non-negotiating principles for financial freedom.


Do you desire to live right before the Lord? We are changing the culture in our Single & Saved growth group. We understand that sanctification is a process, and we are in this process together. Come join us as we learn, share, remain accountable, and grow on our Single & Saved journey.

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